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  • Community Events

    Gallop in the Garden

    Friendship Is Therapeutic (FIT)

    Free 5k fun for all agesJust like the Jack Quinn, this is a free run done every week. But, unlike the Quinn, the routes change weekly and you have the option of 3 different routes each week. And wow, what scenery! Check in in the lower lobby of...

    Outdoor Afro and SUP Colorado Springs Presents

    Outdoor Afro Denver-Boulder- Colorado Springs

    To the window, to the water! Outdoor Afro is headed to Prospect Lake for some paddle boarding! SUP Colorado Springs ( has generously donated two hours of time to get Outdoor Afro on the water! Jacob will be there as...

    Vegan Drinks for a Cause: Mountain View Sanctuary (And Vegan Mini-Market)

    Colorado Springs Vegan Events

    Join us at The Burrowing Owl to support Mountain View Sanctuary, a 40-acre animal sanctuary nestled upon a mountain in southern Colorado (lives saved to date: 39). Come in, grab a seat anywhere, order food and drink and learn about the sanctuary...

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